I Love Downtown Austin


EMAIL THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL to amend the City of Austin Code, section 9-2, to limit downtown construction to the same hours as the rest of the City: 7AM to 7PM!

An email will be sent to the mayor and all city council members.

We have a noisy problem. Currently Austin allows construction in our downtown neighborhood from 1AM to 7AM. Properties under construction are lit up like a sports stadium. Equipment constantly roars, whistles, and groans. Try not sleeping 3 nights out of 5. It's awful.

Even New York City stops construction at 6PM. Austin City Council is considering a proposal to "limit" downtown construction from 7AM to 2AM. Sure, that's less awful than what's currently on the books. But 4 or 5 hours of sleep just ain't enough. Every neighborhood but downtown is guaranteed 12 hours of relative peace and quiet to wind down after a long work day, share dinner with family, and get a good night's sleep.

All Austin residential areas except downtown are restricted from 7AM to 7PM construction.

Please, let's give the downtown residents the same respect as other neighborhoods. Apply the same noise and light standards imposed on construction for everyone and give the downtown neighbors back their sleep.

Downtown Austin Too Loud Downtown Austin Too Loud